Wallpaper - Dev and Ark

Dev and Ark are two brothers who used to live in Heaven, before deciding to see the humans up close. Crash landing from the skies, they attempt to live as ordinary people. The "DEV and ARK: A Shared Blog" is an online page they keep as a journal of their new experiences.

Who the heck is DEV?Edit

The crazy dude. Has the knack for getting Ark into trouble. Also has the knack for trolling people...and getting away with it! Dev is technically a fourth-year college student, but he rarely attends his classes. Has a pet pig who goes to college for him.


Who the heck is ARK?Edit

Ark is the more sentimental guy among the two. Though sometimes bullied by Dev, we could see how much Ark loves his brother. Also a second-year college student, it's obvious who's smarter between the two of them. Ark makes up for Dev's attitude by being super nice, super intelligent and super caring.


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