The Story

Wallpaper - Dev and Ark

Once upon a time... Two brothers stayed in Heaven.

They've been there for a while, and have been watching over humans as they lived on top of the clouds. 

Dev, the crazier of the two, got bored and decided to dive head-first from the sky. 

"Where are you going???", said Ark, the nicer brother.

Ark Shocked

"Where do you think I'm going? I'm going to Earth!!!", Dev's answer echoed as he fell.


"And why will you do that?!", said Ark who by now has decided to dive head-first too.

"Honestly, Ark...

I'm sick of seeing clouds. I wanna see the humans closer." 

"*sigh* Might as well come with you, just so I know you don't get yourself killed." 

Dev just laughed as he felt his skin burning with atmospheric pressure. "Are you kidding me? Those humans are harmless."

And the two of them crash-landed on the grounds of Earth. For the first time, they realized that what they did was wrong.

"Ok...", said Ark, as he saw how humans were really like. "Maybe they are a bit harmless."

"Don't be scared, dude. We'll survive here. We'll survive."

To be continued...

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